Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Fish Lake 2008

The annual Wood family Redfish Trip was last week. It was lots of fun as always, to have everyone there. Rylan had plenty of fun himself as you can see.
Calyn loved swimming with her life jacket. She was such a big girl.
These are Calyn's cousins Brooklyn and Andrea with Larry the Lobster.
Nicole and Trevor were nice enough to bring their boat again and the kids loved the boat rides.
Devin had this great idea to get all the grandkids on the canoe. As you can see they were not all that keen on the idea.

Bear Lake!

Every year we have the Larson family (which is Dad Jeff's mom's family) reunion at Bear Lake. We have had it since I can remember. This year Calyn loved Bear Lake because it was so warm and you could walk forever before it got deep. It was like one HUGE swimming pool for her.

Rylan loved playing in the water too! Here he is playing with his cousin Stockton in the sand.
Calyn also loved playing in the sand. There were tons of seashells for her to collect.