Monday, December 14, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

I am loving this snow! It just seems to make everything so much prettier! The roads are not much fun to be on, but everything else is just better this time of year with piles of snow on it!! We have been crazy busy , naturally, considering the time of year, but I guess my reasoning for referencing the season is that it is my excuse as to why my posting has been so scarce. So, just to catch up a little, everything is pretty much same old, same old; just add some additional chaos and excitement to the mix and we are there!

Our home is just bursting with anticipation for Christmas and all of the fun activities and traditions that come along with it! It seems like even when I think I am so ready something comes up putting me behind again!! It wouldn't be December if that weren't the case though, so I guess I should take the bad with the good, right?

Calyn is getting ready for a piano recital this Thursday at our house. She is playing a
Jingle Bells duet with her Daddy and has been practicing her little heart out for it!

Christmas with the Wood's this year, though since we are in town and both families are here we always make sure to hit both houses on Christmas, seems silly not to, right? So we will wake up at home, open Santa gifts, head to Gma and Gpa Wood's house for cousin gifts, then over to Nana & Papa Lawrence's for Nana's famous cinnamon rolls and more family time and gifts!!

We are looking forward to our 5th annual game night with the Thiros family on the 26th after Devin's alumni basketball tournament and our Prime Rib day with my family all in one day!!! It probably ranks in my
top 5 favorite days of the year!! I mean, basketball all day, Prime Rib and potatos for dinner and game night all night. . . the only thing that could beat that would be if I could play either softball or volleyball between Devin's games!!

Then on the road to visit with Dad Jose and family the 27th - 28th in the beautiful Tetonia.

Devin's sister, Saundra, is getting
married Dec. 30th so we will have tons of family in town just to add to the craziness of Christmas time!

And THAT is our
Christmas schedule!!! Anyway, with all the craziness I am not sure how good I will be about posting so I figured this way you will all know what we will be doing during the lack of posts, right?

Oh, and one more thing, I just finished editing my last photoshoot, an adorable little baby
girl. She is our friends Corey and Saige Dixon's little girl Isley. She was so fun to shoot, such a doll! You should go to my photography site to see the rest of the pics!!

The Christmas card we sent out. . .

A sisters pic project I just did. . .

Hopefully I will be able to get more pics up before Christmas, but if not,