Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Most Embarrasing Moments...

It seems like every time I read posts on my friend Rachelle's blog I find myself laughing out loud and then chuckling periodically throughout the following days as I remember her stories, so, in honor of her, I am challenging you all to share some fun stories of times your kiddos completely embarrassed you or your spouse. I know you all have at least one. I will start it off with one of our most cherished humbling experiences.

 We were signing closing papers on our house in this little (and I do mean little) office occupied by about 4 loan officers and Dev, me, and Calyn when she was about 2 1/2. Calyn is sitting on Dev's lap when suddenly Dev and I get a whif of a Cal toot (yes, we knew it was hers) and were immediately blushing in anticipation of everyone realizing the smell. Next thing we know Calyn in her sweet little innocent voice says "Daddy, you fah-ted!" I was immediately wishing I could bite my finger just to keep from bursting out in laughter, meanwhile, Dev turned like 5 shades of red and had no idea what to say...I mean, you can't say "NO I DIDN'T, YOU DID!" how bad does that look?? So he just chuckled in humiliation and I said "I don't think that was Daddy, Cal" in an accusative voice. Then luckily for him about 10 seconds later she said "I need to go potty" totally proving his innocence, but we giving us a story we still laugh over from time to time!!

Starring in her 1st of many photoshoots...Introducing : Afton Simone Wood

Here she is!! You know the theory that it's always the Bishop's kids who get into the most trouble?? Well, that also goes with the photographers kids not cooperating in a photoshoot!! This little gremlin just didn't want to fold up all cute like I wanted her to so we didn't get the fun folded up pics I was hoping for, but I was still happy with the shots we got. Mom and I had to get creative...in most of the pics of her on her belly she was actually laying on my mom covered in a blanket!! Whatever works, right?? Thanks, Mom, for letting me force you to face your claustrophobia!!