Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a few things I never want to forget...and Preschool graduation

**setting it up... I give Calyn a piece of candy that she's  never tried, can't remember what it was, nevertheless, she is chewing it up, deliberating when:
Cal: "Mommy, I don't like it"
Me: "Really? You don't like it?"
Cal: "No, it tastes like dog or something!"

**I just got done changing Rylan's poopy diaper when I smelled his pants to see if they stunk and sure enough they did...
Me: "Ry, you'll have to get some new pants, yours stink cuz you pooped in your diaper. When are you going to start pooping in the toilet??"
Ry: "Ummmmmm....Wednesday"
     Now it's the new joke in the house. So much for getting serious about potty training!

**Some of Rylan's adorable words...
-Macanoni Cheese
-Hushmellows (marshmallows)
-Mommay (when he is calling for me my name turns from Mommy to Mommay; sooo cute!)
-Macumpooter (Computer)
-Pocanonas (Pocahontas)
-Forliller (Four Wheeler)
-Peenbutter samich
-Splinklas (Sprinklers)

Cal and her cousin Brooklyn graduated from Preschool last week and here are a some pictures of the program. I was on of her teachers and for the program I was in charge of leading the songs they learned, "Kindergarten Here We Come", "Days of the Week", & "Months of the Year", "I've Been Going to My Preschool". Calyn worked really hard to remember the two lines she had in the program: "G is for good friends we made throughout the year" and "We've learned a lot and grown a lot and made a lot of friends." She was one of the only kids who had their parts memorized, way to go Sis!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!! I am not sure what my eyes are doing in the second one, but it was too priceless a moment to not post.

CANCUN 2010!!!!

Seriously??? I can't believe it has taken me 2 months to get these beautiful pictures of our amazing trip to Cancun!! What is my problem?? We had so much fun there, we felt like royalty!! Unlimited, all inclusive food (including sushi) at our finger tips 24/7, beautiful scenery, perfect weather (ok, so any weather seems perfect compared to ours as of late), humidity doing magical things to our skin and hair, sushi bar, para sailing, zip lining, snorkeling (we saw a few barracudas!), manicures, pedicures, SUSHI BAR, flea markets, water volleyball, tanning, bottomless strawberry daiquiris (virgin of course),golf, entertainment including a Michael Jackson impersonator, and did I mention sushi?? How can you beat that? Man, I am seriously grinning right now just thinking of it. When can I go back??

A photographer for the hotel snapped this picture and we thought it was priceless, had to buy it from them. I can't get over the look on Devin's face, it is the only thing that saved him from my wrath for crawling over my back to get my ball!!!