Friday, July 24, 2009


My idea of a perfect day would be some fun family activity invovling water, beach, and sun; then when we are all exhausted from the constant fun, a beautiful, relaxing evening with an awesome, powerful thunder and lightening storm. A couple nights ago was just such a night! One of these days I will get an amazing lightning shot, but this time, out of about 150 shots this was the only one that turned out. Not the greatest quality, but still pretty cool.

Here are the pictures I promised of the almost finished deck. We have loved it so far but can't wait until it is finished so we can use it without guilt!



These are my first cute little tomatos coming in. I decided to buy the "Topsy Turvy" to grow my first tomatos and I get so excited to see it grow and to see the little tomato buds bloom!

Lastly, on Saturday we decided to take some friends and family down the hoback for the first time this summer. Devin loves rowing and does a great job, we had a blast. We went with Demi, her friend Lexie, our friends Josh and Brooke Grover, and some of Devin's family. There is a company who takes pictures of groups going through lunch counter rapid and this is one of the pictures they took of us.

Monday, July 13, 2009

50's...A decade to celebrate!!

Well, the lying and scheming has finally come to an end! We actually pulled it off, pretty seamlessly, with the help of a lot of friends and family.

Mom's SURPRISE 50th birthday party!!

It always amazes me how, when in the line of duty, I am so capable of being such a successful liar!! One of these days Demi, Dad, & I are gonna sit down and try to remember all the different lies we had to tell Mom to get around the truth of the surprise. Anyway, it all turned out great! We had a pretty good turnout, with lots of good food, great entertainment, good company, and awesome costumes! Even Chris and Cody dressed up, that's saying A LOT!!!

Sky sang a few Elvis songs for Mom and sounded great! As a family we had a musical number to dedicate to Mom, Summer Nights from Grease, which was more entertaining than great, but it was a blast!

I just wanted to thank everyone who came and ESPECIALLY everyone who helped! You were life savers!