Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family times...what's your opinion?

Ok, so I need your help! Last Sunday after church I decided to hurry and snap some family pics since the kids were all dressed up already and we don't have any family pics with our new little Afton. It was pretty humorous since I couldn't get my remote to work for my camera so I put the cam on the tripod and had to push the button then run over and situate myself in time then hurry over to do it all over again. I did this probably 12 times in all and the kids found it pretty funny... Anyway ...what I need from all of you is your opinion. I know they are fairly similar, but I can't decide between the 1st and 2nd pic which one we should use as our main fam pic to put up on our wall. Please help me out by voting your favorite, thanks friends and famliy!! Love you all!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Days......

Well, as much as we fought it school has arrived. I am still not ready for summer to be over and walking into Shopko just to see CHRISTMAS TREES up already is just rubbing into my face even more that summer has officially left us for another year. However, despite my denial Cal & Ry are loving school! Cal is in the 1st grade and has been enjoying being at school all day. She really likes her teacher and loves being with her friends again. Rylan was so excited to go to preschool he almost didn't notice when I left. It is a little bit of a bitter sweet having them both in school, on one hand I love that they are doing so well and enjoying themselves, on the other, I am struggling with the fact that I have 2 kids old enough for school and am missing them at home!