Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Cards...

I decided to design some Christmas cards for my family and figured I would be selfish if I didn't share them all around!! Go to my photography blog to see my designs and pricing. Here is a sneak peek:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Can't let go

I have been really hoping and praying that this warm weather lasts just as long as possible. Everytime I wake up and see sunshine coming into my window I breath another sigh of relief. I am not saying I absolutely hate cold and the snow, I mean who could hate something that allows snowmobiling and snowboarding! However, since we got totally jipped out of our summer this year I am going to revel in the warmth and sun as long as I can so today we decided to eat lunch outside; have a little picnic to celebrate the weather.

I also thought I would share some of the fun quotes from Calyn:

1. The other day Calyn and Rylan were playing and Rylan must've done something that hurt her because she kept saying "Rylan don't, Rylan don't!" then after saying it about 5 or 6 times she got really stern and told him that he had to stop or he would give her a birthmark.

2. Demi called me a couple weeks ago and while we were talking Calyn decided she wanted to talk to her too. They had the typical conversation, talked about the normal stuff and at the end after Calyn was finished she told Demi: "Bye Demi, see you next Spring". Demi was laughing pretty hard when I got back on the phone with her. She was planning on coming home like 2 weeks later, I have no idea where she heard it from but I thought it was adorable.

3. I told Calyn she needed to hurry and finish something before I got done sweeping the floor. We were getting ready to go somewhere so she needed to be ready and her response was: "How long will you be?" I told her I just needed to sweep the crumbs into the dustpan and throw it in the garbage and she said: "Oh, i can handle that!!"

4. Calyn went with her daddy to get some dinner and when they got back she showed me the surprise he let her get, a pop. The kids don't get to drink pop much so she was excited about it. She told me to taste it so I did and she said: "It's freakin' good isn't it?" I'm not sure who she heard it from but I'm guessing it was probably me even though I don't really say it much but it had us all laughing anyway.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Halloween down...

After Calyn's Preschool Halloween party we decided to have some of her school friends over to play. I saw a recipe for some yummy pumpkin pie play dough on a friend's blog and thought I would give it a try and it was a hit!! I smells sooo good, I found myself craving pumpkin pie after making it.

I waited too long to get some pictures of the kids in their costumes so they are really dark but you still get the idea, right? Even though Calyn changed her mind daily, she finally decided on Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter), with a little influence from Auntie Demi which made my decision for Rylan's costume very easy!! Aren't they the cutest Gryffendor house wizards you've ever seen?

I had a photoshoot right before trick or treating so when I got home Devin had the kids almost all ready. I just put the finishing touches on and off we went. We trick or treated around our neighborhood for awhile. Calyn got to see her primary teacher, Brother McAllister who's favorite book is Harry Potter so she was pretty excited about that. They found their jackpot at Aunt Jenny's house (Nana's friend who lives around the corner from us). While we were chatting Rylan was one after another transferring candy after candy from the bowl to his bucket. He meant business! We couldn't stop laughing at how meticulously he did it. After filling the candy buckets we went to Nana & Papa's house and visited them for awhile.

It was a fun night but I am very glad it is over!! Now we can start looking forward to the holidays!! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!