Friday, September 12, 2008

Chateau de Cal and Mommy

Lastnight Calyn begged and begged for me to play blocks with her, so I finally broke under the pressure and gave in. To my surprise I really enjoyed it (probably more than Cal) and together we created a marvelous architectural artpiece, complete with a pool house as you can see in the center on the left and on the right is a guest house for all of you to stay when you come visit. When we were done Devin was quite proud of us so we decided we better take pictures and share with all of you. Calyn kept asking me if I wanted to come into the castle with her so we played pretend for awhile too. She was just a little bummed when this morning a cute little rolly troll named Rylan decided to destroy our oasis but decided it would be okay because it just meant Mommy would have to build another one with her now!!

One Year already?!!

Just a quick note before I jump into the posting. It is always amazing to me how fast the time flies and not only that, but just keeps getting faster and faster. When Calyn turned one it was pretty surreal for me also, but I was anticipating each stage so I was more ready for it. With Rylan, I already have an idea what to expect with the stages so I try to enjoy them which, in turn, just seems to make them zip on by. It is such a blessing to be a Mom and I am so gratful for the children I have been blessed with. There is no other accomplishment so great as parenthood. My children are my pride and joy.
Now, for Rylan's birthday party . . . it was a good little get together with family. I always look foreward to seeing everyone and just wanted to thank everyone for coming. My kids are quite spoiled with all the family and friends who love them.
Here is the birthday boy with Daddy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Aunt Amber!!!

Amber, Our friend from Grand Junction, CO (actually lives in Denver now) came to stay with us for a few days and while she was here we knew it was a must to take her to the falls.
The kids loved having her here. Especially Calyn. She was her shadow the entire time.
We promised her that next time she comes we will take her to Yellowstone, river rafting, etc. since this time we didn't get the opportunity to do any of that fun stuff. But, we did take her to Bajio, a true Wood experience.