Monday, October 19, 2009

My Mountain Man

Well, it has finally happened, Devin finally found and killed a bull that met his expectations for the year. No more coming home empty handed with stories of bears either stealing his sleeping bag, chasing away the animals he was hunting or charging with in 30 yards of Corey; OR the excuse that they were all just too small. "I passed on a lot of little ones." he would say. Well a little one this is not! He found a 6 point bull, hunted it, shot it, and boned it all himself, then packed it all back to camp. What a brute eeh? He still has his buck tag so we are not "out of the woods" yet, no pun intended hehe. However, this will take a ton of anxiety off his chest so I am happy. The only downside is that we take care of our own meat which means I have a ton of cutting, cleaning, wrapping, labeling, and SANITIZING in my near future. :( Anyway, despite how much I miss him when he is gone, I am still very proud of him! Way to go cutie! ;)

I have also included pictures from previous hunts this season that Devin took because I think they are beautiful! He definitely sees land many will never see. The die hards are literally are on top of the world.

The white you are seeing everywhere is clouds! A little disorienting but they are above the clouds!!! This is Corey, Devin's highschool buddy/hunting brother walking on a peak of a very high mountain.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sr. Night & more

Last week my sister McKenna and cousin, Paige had thier Sr. night in volleyball at Hillcrest against Rigby. It was a good game but we barely lost it in the 4th game. It is crazy to think that she is already a senior, I seriously try to make her younger every year but she won't believe me when I tell her she should only be a 5th grader so I guess I should give up trying.

Also I was reading a friend's blog and she was listing funny things that her children said or did that she wanted to always remember and it inspired me to do the same so here goes:

*Calyn was watching me edit some pictures from a session I did recently and she was asking me question after question. Well as mothers know after about the 5th or 6th one it is easy to tune them out. Well after she finally got my attention I said "Sorry, Sissy, it is hard to answer all your questions when I am working." and she asked, "Mommy why do you call me Sissy?" to which I answered: " I guess because my Mom called me Sissy so I started calling you Sissy when you were born so now it is a habit; do you like it when I call you Sissy?" and she answered: "Ya, I just wish you would call me honey sometimes." After this she went on to tell me the places where I can call her Sissy, like the living room, the dining room, etc. It was adorable.

*While Rylan is sitting on his little potty sometimes he likes to point at random things in the bathroom and make me tell him what they are so he can repeat it. Each time, of course he has to say Mommy!! and point. The other day he said "Mommy!" and pointed at the shower, when I told him what it was he said: "Showe, Daddy's showe." I am guessing it is because I usually take baths so he sees Daddy in there more than Mommy. :)

Today while Calyn was watching a Halloween movie she said she was hungry so I got her a bagel and brought it to her, and she thanked me. A little while later Rylan decided he wanted one too, of course, so I again went to the cupboard and got him one. After I sat down Rylan accidentally pushed a button on the remote and made Cal's movie stop so naturally she freaked out until I came and fixed it for her. As soon as I sat back down Rylan told me he had to go potty, of which I complied even though he didn't go (a regular occurence in our house), and when I was putting his diaper and pants back on him Calyn said: "Mommy I wanted a drink too!!" so, frustrated I said, "Maybe you should get off your little bum and get your own drink." I am not sure why I didn't expect her next comment but nevertheless she repeated right back to me: "Why don't you get off your little bum?" Now, of course this is not acceptable behavior in our house but she said it sooo sweet and innocent that I couldn't help but laugh.

As there are more I will try to post them because there is always new material with my two gremlins, but for now I will say bubye.

McKenna blocking

McKenna's kill (1 of like 20 ;) )

Paige passing

Paige with family

Kenna with fam

Kenna in red and Paige in black