Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Photography Blog!!!

I finally got my photography blog started! It has a few of the most recent sessions I have had and they are pretty cute, it helps, however, having cute subjects to shoot! Please, go check them out.

You can get to it by going to
or by just clicking on the link to the right (under my photography blog, where it says Brittney Wood Photography).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Internet/Uploading problems...

Ok, so I have been having major difficulty uploading pictures and programs on my computer lately so I have not been able to finish my next post. I have actually been working on it for about a week and a half and only getting about 1 picture loaded (after 20 minutes of waiting) every 3 times I try so... to my dismay I had to call my providers and they are coming to check things out tomorrow. They better get it all figured out soon because I am so sad at how far behind I am getting in my blogging, but I will get caught up soon, keep checking in.

Some news... Calyn has her 1st piano recital tonight at her Grandma Wood's house (who is also her teacher). It is a pizza party recital and she is very excited about it. She is playing Twinkle A and has been practicing her little heart out. She has been growing a lot lateley and it seems like everytime I put jeans on her they are too short!! She's tall and skinny and the only reason the size 4 pants (that fit her length) stay on her is the adjustable bands they put in them now that allow you to sinch them tighter!!

Rylan is LOVING his new 4wheeler he got for his birthday. He rides it every chance he gets. He is talking more and more and has such a tender heart. I love this age and have enjoyed seeing his cute little personality develope. He reminds me a lot of his daddy.

Devin is playing in a basketball league on Monday nights at the Apple and has been hunting a ton lately! He has a few big hunts coming up and is determined to come home with the monster buck and bull this year. I am just hoping he comes home. :)

I have been playing in a softball league that plays on Tues & Thurs nights and also play in a volleyball league on Monday nights with my brother Skylar. I really love playing with Sky, when we were younger I used to make him let me teach him how to play and wouldn't let him go inside until he got it right, now it is paying off!! I also am still teaching Calyn's preschool class at the apple every Tues and Thurs mornings and am getting really busy in my Photography! I have a session in Utah this weekend and have another one next week here. I have a couple families interested and a wedding coming up in January that I need to get announcement pics, prebridals, and the actual announcments ready for! I love it!

Anyway, I will do my best to get some pictures up soon! Wish me luck.

Monday, September 14, 2009

catching up...

I will do my best to quickly get all caught up, it has been crazy with preschool starting and hunting season consuming Devin's every second but I will do my best to slowly add more until I am finally caught up.

A few notes...

1. Rylan had his 2nd birthday on the 7th! What a big boy he is becoming! For his birthday he got a 4wheeler and we love to watch him on it and tho it was way worth it, we are still regretting that purchase everytime we have to take him off to go to bed!

2. And despite all warnings about boys being harder to potty train than girls, Rylan has started going "poopies" in the toilet. We are not 100% yet, but when he has to go he runs to the bathroom saying "poopies, poopies, poopies" Sometime he does and sometimes he doesn't, and sometimes he forgets and goes in his diaper, but I am not gonna push, just encourage. If he is showing interest why not, right?

3. We went and watched Sky sing again at the fair and he was amazing as always! I swear everytime I hear him he gets better! Record labels would be lucky to sign him!

4. Calyn started her second year of preschool last Thurs. She is one of the tallest kids in class!! Who would've thought that Devin and I could produce the tall kid? I measured her on her growth board and she has grown 1 1/2 inches since June!!! Wow! She also started piano lessons with her Grandma Wood (Devin's mom).

Lastly, Here are the pictures of the Mesa Falls Marathon I promised.