Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

We finally had Calyn's friend party yesterday, because of Spring Break we had to wait a little bit to make sure we would have a better attendance for her. They all went to Blastoff for awile and had a "BLAST!" Then we had cake and ice cream at our house afterward. My Mom came over while we were at Blastoff and decorated the house so it would be a surprise for Calyn and she did an amazing job! She had a crape paper tunnel for all the girls to walk through and balloons & confetti everywhere which, by the way, took FOREVER to clean up, MOM :)! That's ok cuz it looked amazing and Calyn loved it! Thanks to everyone who came and for all the help!

I was brave this year and decided to try to make Calyn's cake myself instead of buying one or having my Mom make it like last year. It is DEFINITELY not professional, but I was pretty happy with myself! Mom helped me with the idea of flowers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The new do!

Well, I finally gave in to the many requests for a haircut like Nana's. I had a really hard time watching Tiffany snip away at her beautiful hair, but i guess if she wanted it that bad it would be worth it to see how happy it makes her, right?
I didn't tell her where we were going when we went to get it cut. As soon as we walked into the salon she was looking all around trying to figure out what her surprise was. She had made several guesses like ice cream, a car, toys, etc. When I asked her what everyone in the salon was doing her grin grew from ear to ear. Okay, it was worth it...I guess. I will still miss that long beatuiful hair for a long time; or at least until it grows back, (wink, wink)but I think it looks adoreable on her, you will have to decide for yourself.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I know it seems so cliche to hear Mom's talk about their disbelief in how fast their kiddos grow up, but there is just no other way to describe how astounding it is to think that I have a four year old child! Calyn is such an amazing little girl. She is such a joy to have in our family and I cannot picture a life without her. I am so proud to have been given the opportunity to raise this sweet spirit and I feel so lucky to have the privilidge of being her Mommy.

A few things about her...

1. She is loving anything princess right now, dresses, makeup, flying (tinkerbell). The other morning right after she woke up she came up to Devin who was still in bed and the first thing she said was "Daddy, I really want to fly!" She has been watching Peter Pan a lot lately and just loves the flying parts.

2. She loves to sing, lucky for her, Mom is the Primary Chorister! I usually gauge my teaching progress in Primary on how well she knows the songs.

3. She also loves to play sports. She is always asking us to play catch with her but instead of grabbing a ball, she wants to throw toys and dolls. We will have to work on that.

4. She wants desperately to cut her hair like Nana's! She has been asking for months and no matter how many times I tell her that if she cuts it she will miss out on the braids and hairdos she loves she still does not falter. I guess you will have to stay tuned to see if she gets her wish...

5.She loves to play with her cousins and her brother. She is a good big sister and is always laughing with Rylan, occasionally at him as well.

Calyn, we love you so much more than you could ever know! Thank you for being the sweet person you are! We love you cute girl!

Happy Birthday!

Rylan made short work of his cupcakes, and yes, that was plural, he had like 3...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sun? What?

Yesterday afternoon it was beautiful outside so we decided to go on a little walk. Calyn rode the new bike she got for Christmas and Rylan rode in the wagon he got for Christmas! They were so excited to get outside finally so I had to document it. The funniest part was that right when we got out there and all situated to go it started sprinkling but luckily it was just a little rain cloud and it passed right after it started so we were good to go! We are hoping for more and more of these in the days to come, but considering we are in Idaho, it is doubtful.

As for an update, Softball has started and we are practicing in the gym, which makes for a not so pleasant practice all cooped up inside so the good weather is doubly anticipated!! If it wasn't for my ever helpful Mom, sister in law Melissa, and Mother in law who take turns with my kids, I wouldn't be able to coach, so THANKS a million! Although I am excited for softball season, I am also a little nervous for the craziness I will be spiralling into, being a preschool teacher, softball coach, Primary chorister, and full time mother all at the same time. Goodbye lazy afternoons! We also are excitedly anticipating the return home of my cute little sister Demi from Utah State for her spring break this Fri.

Calyn is loving preschool, she asks every night before bed if she gets to go to preschool in the morning. She almost has her name writing down, she knows all of her letters except Z, W, and U, they are still a little tricky for her. She also has the Pledge of Allegiance memorized! Ask her and she will recite it for you. She also can't wait for her 4th birthday coming up on the 17th (my little lucky charm :) )She is a sweetheart and loves to help with dishes and vacuuming! Let's hope that never goes away! (wink, wink)

Rylan is getting some molars so he has been a little cranky, but is still my soft hearted little buddy who loves to give kisses and can now say "owee" to add to his vocabulary. He is starting to look like a little boy instead of just a toddler more and more everyday. He loves to give us things and say "thank you", I think he is just a little confused, but it is too cute to try and correct!

Devin is still working hard out at the site, hating the bus ride in the evening, but loving it in the morning for his naps. He is wrapping up a season of coaching church Basketball which he loved and I believe was very successful. He is looking forward to doing some shed hunting with his hunting buddy Corey. He is also being VERY strong in our food challenge. We have challenged ourselves to eat mostly salads, veggies, and fruit; Devin for 100 days and me for 60. We are 23 days into it and going strong (most of the time anyway) This is the hardest diet we have ever tried! It is a version of the raw diet for all of you diet gurus.

Anyway, sorry so long, hope you enjoy the pics and we hope to hear from all of you soon (like maybe in the comments tab!! hehe)
If you look at the sidewalk you can see the raindrops!