Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have had these pics all ready for 3 weeks now but just never got around to putting them up here, so here we go finally!! Here are our pics of Cal & Ry on the first day of Kindergarten. Whenever I get the camera out to take pics of one of the kids the other insists they have a turn too so I have just accepted the fact that no matter the occasion, they will both have their pic taken. I guess that is really a good thing, more cute pics, so no complaints here. Anyway, a tradition that I have carried on from my family growing up is getting ice cream every year on the first day of school as a family. I remember looking so forward to school just for the family ice cream trip. We would always go to Reed's Dairy and get double scoops, however, when we asked Cal where she wanted to go she insisted on Sub Zero, so this year we switched it up a little and went there instead. We had Demi, Nana, & Papa come with us since it was Demi's first day of school as well as a teacher at Rimrock Elementary. She is the 6th grade teacher and loving every minute of it. She is an awesome teacher and has several little boys in love already. ;)