Monday, January 19, 2009

Rest In Peace...

There are many people in my thoughts and prayers today. I just want to take a minute to pay my respects to my cousin Josh Jenkins who was killed in an avalanche Saturday afternooon. He was snowmachining with three buddies on Mount Jefferson when he was hit by the avalanche. Josh was a very well liked person with so many good friends but more importantly he was a great friend to many. He served a mission in Thailand and only returned home 5 weeks ago, which seems so unfair that he had to go now. I know he had many different ideas for his future plans and any one of them would have led him down a great path to a wonderful life, however, the path he is on now is the most important. He was obvioulsy too good for this earthly life and I know that he has so much work to do where he is right now. He must be needed there more than here. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers as well. Until we meet again Josh...we love you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sledding Craziness

Last Saturday, for Little T's (Devin's little brother Trevor) birthday we had a sledding party out in the pit behind Devin's parents house. Devin pulled us all behind the 4wheeler since the hills back there are not very big. The kids loved it! Ok, who am I kidding, we ALL loved it; probably the adults more than the kids but hey, we are all just a bunch of big kids right? We tried all sorts of things, as you can see in the first picture we had a chain of 3 people (Devin's sis Melissa, her hubby, then Little T) hanging off the end of the sled. What a fun day! Rylan is in most of these, he is just hiding behind Cal, you can sometimes see his little face poking out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Craziness...

This year Devin played in the Skyline Highschool alumni tournament on the 26th & 27th of December. It is always fun to watch him play with and against the same guys we watched him play with in highschool. His team did really well, but they lost two really close games and ended up taking 3rd. The very first game they played just so happended to be my class.

This year for Christmas Grandma Wood made everyone jammies. The grandkids all looked so cute in thiers so we tried to get a picture of all of them but just like anytime you try to get a picture of lots of little kids there is always at least one who will not cooperate...can you see which kid it is in these pics? ... who's kid is that anyway?

Besides the jammies, Grandma Wood also made all the grandkiddos costumes for dressup. The boys got the cutest little cowboy outfits ever and the girls got cheerleader outfits. Ya, ya, ya, I never thought I would be ok seeing Cal in a cheer uniform either, but she just looks so darn cute in it. As long as she gets it out of her system before it is time to start the fun stuff... SPORTS!! ;) I have to point out the candid shot we got of Trevor Pett (our bro in law)in the background!! haha

Here are some pics of the kiddos with some of their other favorite Christmas gifts. For the last 4 months or so Calyn has been begging for a mermaid tail. She was certain that if she had a mermaid tail she could wear it in the water and swim like Ariel. Well, of course we couldn't give her a REAL mermaid tail (those mermaid don't just give them away for free you know) but Mom figured she would do the next best thing and make her a pretend one. Nana to the rescue, Cal loved it! She still has hopes that someday she can use it in the water, but for the moment she is satisfied. Nana and Papa also got her the leapster 2 she is playing in the pics and they got Ry the wagon he is riding in. He wouldn't get out of that thing all day!! He loved it! When we got there Christmas morning he walked right up to it like he knew it was his (it was hiding behind a couch and he still found it right off). Uncle Sky got Ry the guitar (of course) and that smart Santa brought Cal the bike even though it is the middle of winter...Cal wanted to follow us to Nana & Papa's on her bike Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve Dad, Demi, and I go shopping in the morning in our Santa hats. These are the pics we took at my house right before we left. It is funny cuz sometimes we would forget we were wearing the hats and it wasn't until we noticed people staring at us that we would remember.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Game Night!!

Every year for the last three or four years my family gets together with the Thiros siblings for our traditional Christmas game night. Jenn, my best friend from highschool, and her brothers, Nick and Tony, came as well as Nick's girlfriend, Heather; and Jenn's boyfriend, Anthony. Of course we had Demi and Brian there too. We have a ton of fun and try to play a new game each time. This year was no exception, it was a blast! Calyn was immediately Heather's shadow, who colored with her almost all night, sweet girl! I already can't wait until next year's game night!! Thanks, guys! Love and miss you all.