Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uh-hem, pay no attention to my tardiness

I wanted to get one of the pics I took of A up since I'm here because I know how long it has been taking me to get these things posted! I still have all the rest of the pics to edit but this one was done, so here it is.

I have decided that I have what "doctors" call MPS by way of Procrastination...Mass Posting Syndrome. As I am looking back I am noticing this undesirable trend of waiting forever and then committing what can only be accurately described as diarrhea posting. It's never-ending and contains a good mix of several different holidays/seasons' types of activities. Here are Rylan's birthday party, making and decorating Halloween cookies, carving pumpkins, Halloween costumes, etc. The first one is just a picture I took of bedtime story time a few nights ago that was too cute to pass up.  Especially Cal itching her nose, she'll have to hate me for it later.

I have been editing pictures like a mad woman the last few months due to some crazy scheduling in October and September including 3 groups of anywhere from 20 to 50 people!! I am frantically trying to get these pics done in time for some last minute Christmas shopping, considering I only have maybe 7 gifts actually purchased. My laptop was getting more and more congested with Photoshop and pictures to the point that it slowly and irritatingly gave up on me. Guess Cal gets what she wants, a computer she can play games on...(in walks my new 1 terabyte hard drive computer with a 21.5in. monitor!!!) woooo-hoooo! Now I'm plugging away like nobodies business! As for the rest of the family, besides having to be patient with a semi-absent Mom (absent minded anyway, right??), they are all doing pretty darn good. 

Calyn is enjoying 1st grade more and more. She is a smart little girl and loves to reads books to her little brother and sister. She's actually reading to them right now :). 

Rylan loves preschool as well. He informs me that he has 5 girlfriends...um, I guess that's better than 1, best to keep your options open, right?? 

Afton loves to blow raspberries, she is sitting up and soo close to crawling. She gets up on all fours but just can't quite get the whole "move your hands" thing figured out. She loves big sister and brother and is constantly laughing at them. She's such a sweetheart and we absolutely love having her in our family. 

Devin has been really enjoying his new job. He moved to BEA, which is seems like just another acronym for me to learn but is actually a great place for him to be. However, he just turned down a job offer in town which was a very hard decision for him. It was a training position and the hours were amazing but the salary ended up being the deal breaker. Well, along with a few other details that would have left too much to be desired. 

We are so thankful, especially in this economy, to have the stress of choosing the right job rather than that of not being able to find one, as too many are experiencing right now. With Christmas quickly approaching I just want to tell all my friends and family that I am so thankful for you and your examples and I hope all of you find yourselves in a happy and place this holiday season. We love you all sooo much and are so thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and for his sacrifice. 

Now, re-wind a couple months to Sept, Rylan's birthday. Brrrr, that would be sooo cold right now!!