Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cali pics finally!!

Here are some of the Tahoe pictures. We decided to get some cute fam pics on this dock because it was beautiful with the water and the mountains in the background. There were a lot of cute ones but I narrowed it down to these few.

This is the house Mom spent about a year in when she was a little girl. It is such a cute little house in a quaint little neighborhood in Tahoe. It was fun to see her get excited about seeing it and talk about some of the memories she could muster up from her childhood.

These were taken at an orchard/vinyard near Sacramento. We stopped here on the way from Tahoe to Uncle Troy's house in Sac. It was beautiful, I couldn't stop taking pictures. The colors were so vivid and it just went on forever.

Here are the pics of the Oakland game we went to on Thursday. It is always fun to see a professional baseball stadium. A ball was hit right in front of us and the guy who caught it gave it to Calyn. I guess she put on her charms. We were able to get one of the Oakland players, Dallas Braden, to give us his autograph. The picture of the A's player batting is actually Jason Giambi.

After the A's game we drove over to San Fransisco. We went to Pier 39, Bubba Gump, the crookedest and steepest roads, etc. Here are some of the pics of our San Fran segment of the trip.

These two pics are in front of the steepest road, but none of the pics I took even came close to doing it justice so this is as good as it gets.

Looking down on the crookedest road.
Looking up at the crookedest road.

While in Sacramento we decided to have a volleyball faceoff, Demi and I vs. Troy, Dad, and Devin. Troy has been talking smack about Demi's and my athletic ability so it finally came down to a girl victory best 2 of 3 match. Eat that troy! Oh, and...trophy?...The rest are just pics at Troy's house. Calyn made friends with Cara's neice, Amy. They were really cute and played well together.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming up...

Wow, I know it is common to hear people say they need a vacation from their vacation, but this time I can really attest to that! We went to California two Saturdays ago and didn't get home until last Saturday. I have tons of pictures of the trip, and I will get them on here asap, but for now, just a run down.

We started the trip out at Lake Tahoe, we stayed at Uncle Troy's in laws condo on the lake. It was beautiful but it was freezing so we did alot of sight seeing. We took some pictures of Tiger Woods vacation home, which was huge and obviously well guarded so we couldn't get too close.

Next we went and stayed at Uncle Troy's house in Sacramento and went shopping, sight seeing (saw some beautiful vineyards and orchards). Thursday we drove to Oakland and saw the A's - Ranger's game, which was awesome! I am always amazed at how gitty I get when I walk into a professional stadium! It wasn't quite as mind blowing as Fenway, but still very exciting!

After the game we drove to San Fransisco for more touristy stuff, where we hung out on Pier 39, ate at Bubba Gumps, and drove down the steepest road and crookedest road. I am not sure if they set world records or just national, but they are lots of fun to see.

Friday we had our long awaited volleyball match, Demi and I vs. Troy, Dad, and Devin. It all started when Troy decided to tease Demi and I about our athleticism. He said we were "ok for girls" and that was all it took. Next thing I knew I was challenging him to a match, it didn't matter when or where but it was gonna happen. Finally we were able to make it happen and just as Demi and I expected, we won!!! Bragging rights are ours for sure! We decided it would be a tradition everytime we see each other.

So, we finally made it home, after a 12 hour drive and are glad to be home, but already are missing the warm California weather. Can't wait to go back!

Thanks Troy and Cara for everything!!!

Pictures to come...