Thursday, February 17, 2011

Late Christmas pics

A quick sum up: Dad, Demi, & I did our traditional "Christmas Eve Elf shopping" which was when I finished my shopping for Devin. Christmas was a blast, we stayed the night at Mom & Dad's so they could watch the kids open their Santa gifts. They opened their jammies Christmas Eve. I think the pillow pets were the hit of the year. Dev was loving his foot massager while testing out Rylan's new toy rifle. I made a collage for Sky and Sarah with their temple pics and it turned out better than I had planned. Demi & Jeff made us a nativity out of molding clay, they are adorable!!! The next Monday Devin played in the Skyline Alumni tourney and his team was the oldest in the tourny and they still pulled out the win!! 2010 Alumni Champions!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Weekend at the cabin...

For Valentine's weekend my family decided to go to Island Park to stay at Aunt Cindy's cabin but as the weekend was beginning and Mom and Dad got there we were made aware of a little problem just waiting to take our weekend of fun away. Aunt Cindy's cabin had flooded!! Luckily Devin's Grandparents' cabin was available and they were nice enough to let us stay there. Uncle Paul and his family, Demi and Jeff, and Dev, the kids, and I were all there and had a blast snow machining, sledding, fixing snow machines, eating, playing games, clearing rooms (Aunt Sandle), fixing machines, eating, watching movies, oh, and did I mention fixing machines??? It's a good thing Wogs was there, I am pretty sure every machine up there is now better than it was before we got there after he had his way with them!! ;) Dev & I thought it would be fun to take everyone to the hill we always go to with his family to snow board and sled down and it was, as always, a blast. My favorite was Mom and Aunt Sandi. There was sheer terror in their screams and for good reason, they were HAULIN'!!!

Only dogs could hear them at this point.