Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

I am actually kinda happy with myself, I am getting these pics up LESS than a week later than I wanted to, WHOA-dream big, Britt! Halloween was fun this year. Calyn decided to be Jesse from Toy Story again so since we already had an old cowboy costume that Dev's mom made for him when he was a little boy I decided it would be the perfect duo...Jesse and Woody!! And all too fitting too, right? (Woody) Calyn was Jesse a couple years ago so when she mentioned being Jesse again I pulled the costume out of her keepsakes box only to find exactly what I was worried was much too small for her, therefore, I would have to remake the exact same costume just a couple sizes bigger.

Well, they didn't have the same cow print material that they had last time, they just had the actual fur kind and I had NO desire to deal with fur so I had to buy white and black material and actually cut and glue the spots onto the white, ARGH!! Then, I thought that the hat with the home assembled red yarn Jesse hair from only a couple years ago would FOR SURE still work, I mean how much can a kids head grow in 2 years, right? Well, I guess all the schooling really has worked because her head DID grow too much meaning I would also have to redo the yarn hair and braid on the hat to make more room for that overstuffed, brain-filled head of hers. For Rylan I needed, merely, to buy a hat!!! WHEW! Thank you Simone!!!

Despite all the work I was really happy with their costumes, they looked so cute walking around as a little cowboy and cowgirl. Luckily we were able to get some good use out of this costume since we actually dressed her in it 3 different times! 1st: for her school carnival which the kids loved. They haven't stopped talking about the spook alley in which I was silly enough to think I could just go along with them...crawling under children's desks pushing and pulling terrified, crying children in the pitch black...SILLY GIRL! 2nd: for our ward's trunk-or-treat Friday night, then 3rd: for actual trick-or-treating Saturday night. All in all we had a great Halloween but I am glad we are now on our way to the craziness of the next 2 holidays!!
Ready or not....